Plant Food Systems’ advanced products protect crops and increase production while maintaining environmental standards.

Our products promote strength, vigor and environmental responsibility and are highly regarded by professionals in the turf and ornamental industries.

BREAKING: Researchers Link Greening to “Phosphate Starvation.”

Florida and California researchers have published findings and positive results on HLB. Products from the Plant Food Systems’ Program were used in the successful study.

News Release: Florida & California Findings

Study: Small RNA Profiling Reveals Phosphorus Deficiency as a Contributing Factor… for Citrus HLB

In the news: Citrus & Vegetable “Study links citrus greening symptoms to phosphorus deficiency”

Testimonial – HLB Success

Hank King, Polk City

Growers Show Success Despite Greening (Huanglongbing)

“Three years ago it became clear to me that I was going to have to make some changes in order to stay in the citrus business. After removing a lot of trees due to greening and testing a variety of products and ideas, I decided to implement…” Read more.

Advanced Plant Nutrition & Protection

Plant Food Systems is a leader in developing innovative products that boost crop protection and production in the agriculture and turf & ornamental industries. Our Florida-based company is trusted worldwide and has built a reputation on the following:

  • Products – Produced through superior chemistry and engineering
  • Service – Trusted by distributors and growers alike
  • Experience – Built on more than 45 years experience
  • Knowledge – Backed by our numerous patents and one of the most seasoned staffs in the industry
  • The PFS Process

    Our fertilizers, systemic fungicides and bactericides use pure, virgin materials. They include no byproducts or downstream contaminants, such as sodium and heavy metals. This means PFS products perform consistently and safely.


    Only Plant Food Systems products, including Kphite systemic fungicide, are produced through a patented process. The result: products unrivaled in stability and effectiveness. You can depend on Plant Food Systems.

    Foliar Fertilizer Benefits

    We have been pioneers in foliar fertilizers dating back to the 1960s. Foliar fertilizers feed a plant directly through the leaves instead of the soil. Some of the superior qualities of foliar fertilization include:

  • Immediate nourishment to the plant
  • Consistent, weatherproof performance
  • Minimal environmental effects
  • Efficient use of materials – 5 times more soluble