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Superior Checmistry, Knowledge and Experience

Superior Chemistry,
Knowledge & Experience


Plant Food Systems is an innovator of premium plant nutrition and protection products. Our team has more than 55 years in U.S. Agriculture, with our research and development team pioneering new products and methods that have shaped the fruit-vegetable, tree nut, and turf and ornamentals industries.

From our Florida-based manufacturing facility, we utilize unique patented processes and high-quality, virgin materials to produce exceptional fungicide/bactericides and nutritionals. Our products and programs are proven to increase production and improve plant defenses.

Our team works constantly to develop new, forward-looking methods and innovations to help support and grow the agriculture and turf and ornamentals industries. We’ve become an industry-leader in foliar application, combating Huanglongbing (HLB or citrus “greening”) and fighting phytophthora and other diseases.

Our strength comes from decades of research and personal experience. That’s why countless growers and farmers trust Plant Food Systems for advanced protection and production.

Plant Food Systems provides superior chemistry and programs you can trust.


Plant Food Systems is a proud member of ACRC, an industry funded not-for-profit organization that safely collects and recycles agricultural product containers.

Plant Food Sytems Property
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